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Top 10 infrastructural necessities in condominiums

Buying home is one of the most important decisions for some people. So, one needs to be very careful while buying a residential property. Leading real estate developers are offering residential projects with condominiums equipped with state-of-the-art features. It is always a good idea to keep a checklist of basic infrastructural necessities anyone would require for a comfortable life. Home you plan to buy is not just four walls constructed of bricks and mortar. It is a place where you relax, feel secured when it comes to security of your family and also an investment. For investors who wish to get high return on investments via rental property also need to ensure that they can provide their prospective tenants these facilities.


Here are top ten infrastructural necessities required in a condominium.



1. Power back-up: Besides the need of fans and air conditioners in cities where the summers are too hot, even during winters, any urban household depends upon electrical appliances for carrying out daily chores. As many high rise buildings are being made, it is quintessential that there is no power failure, for it will be highly inconvenient to climb a number of stairs, to say the least.


2. Security: Its better to be safe than be sorry. Prevention is always better than cure. Real Estate developers have to ensure that the properties they offer are structurally built in a manner to avoid untoward incidents which can be prevented, be it cases which require physical security from arson, thefts or robberies or natural and accidental calamities such as earthquake or an unexpected fire. Adequate number of fire extinguisher and fire sprinklers should be there in the building to ensure full security. Latest tools and technologies should be implemented and the developers should also meet with the security measures decided as per the government policies. Security setup in some upcoming projects like IREO Skyon is quite impressive.


3. Parking Space: With an increase in the number of vehicles per family, as well as the shortage of space, it becomes convenient to select a place where there can be sufficient parking space for one’s movable property.


4. Fittings: Fittings are important for utility whether these be those of gas pipelines or water pipes or electrical wiring. Some kinds of electrical fittings can help one save power. Concealed plumbing and wiring of bath and electrical fixtures respectively give a neat ambiance to the interiors.


5. Water: Water is our basic requirement and specially in summer season one can’t even imagine a day without it. Round-the-clock water facility should be ensured by the developer. Many developers provide the facility of rainwater harvesting systems to ensure uninterrupted water supply whenever required. However, as it is well said, excess of everything is bad. Water logging is something no society would like to face in rainy seasons. And so, it is also important to check whether a proper drainage system is in place.


6. Flooring: The increasing demand of luxurious homes has also increased expectations of the residents. Floors of the apartment should match with the overall design and enhance beauty of the house. Some leading developers are launching residential projects in Gurgaon with state-of-the-art floor designs. Modern wooden floors enhance the beauty of the condominium and give it a luxurious look.


7. Road Network: Proper road network makes traveling easy and comfortable. The condominium you prefer should have a well developed and wide road network with footpaths, cycle tracks and service corridors.


8. Lighting: Adequate lighting is an important requirement. Whether one talks about internal lighting or street lighting, due attention should be laid on both.


9. Sunlight, Air and Ventilation: While one may like to live in the privacy of one’s home, to remain confined in a room in isolation should not be considered favourable, nor is that the case. Adequate sunlight and ventilation is necessary for a healthy life. Moreover, there should be an area where one can dry clothes, bask under the sun etc. Living in an area where air doesn’t pass properly can be very difficult. Condominiums should be designed while taking care of proper air and ventilation facility. Specifically the kitchen area should have sufficient ventilation.


10. Garden: As with ventilation and lighting inside an abode, equally important is the facility at a community level for morning walks, evening walks, picnics, gardening etc.



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