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Top ten hindrances while relocating residence


Jobs or personal reasons take people to different towns. Not only relocation a problem, but it can be quite hectic to find a suitable accommodation in a new town. Different hindrances come in home buyers’ way while relocating to a different town. Some of the challenges a home buyer has to face at the time of relocation are:



1. Selling the house owned at present

Selling the house possessed becomes a big problem for home buyers. Finding the right deal for the house may not be possible in a short time duration and the home buyer has to sell his house at prices which may not give him/her a well deserving amount for the particular property.


2. Finding the right location for new house

Finding a right location in a new town is not easy. A home buyer needs to check many things like the neighborhood, basic amenities like hospitals, educational institutions, banks, local markets, conveyance etc. As you would be new to the town, it might be quite difficult to find all these necessities. Buying a house in a locality where access to all these is easy will solve most of the problems, but the problem is how to find a home at that perfect location.


3. Fake Buyer Agents

With the growth of real estate, there has been an increase in the number of real estate agents.  One of the biggest hindrances faced for those who relocate is when they get in touch with deceptive buyer agents. Quite regularly, number of incidences have been registered where many such agents have duped a prospective buyer of their savings or life’s earnings.

As a buyer you should work with an agent who believes in making good relationship with his clients and keep their clients’  interest before their own interest.


4. Poor Real Estate News Coverage

Often local news sources also cover real estate news. However, these reports are not always necessarily exclusive or exhaustive. In such a situation, the buyer might find it difficult to get exact details about real estate in the city he or she is about to explore and set in his or her abode. There are not many channels where realty information is provided in a rather objective manner.


5. Foreclosed Property Investment

Although there are  many foreclosed properties for sale, investment in one needs careful investigation. A home buyer who is new in a particular area may just invest in a wrong property deal. Be an informed buyer and check for different under-reported potential issues while buying a foreclosed property. Transfer of possession also takes time in foreclosed property as banks or other relocation companies take time in responding to requests of investors. One should disclose all the facts and figures and transparency ought to be maintained in such deals.


6. Buyer Agent Bonuses

With the growing demand of residential property sellers and builders are focusing on getting buyers by any means possible. They are even offering bonuses to the real estate agents for bringing buyers to them. In this market situation home buyers who are new in a town find it very difficult to get a right residential property to buy. These agent bonuses are usually named as buyer agent bribe.  It is very important to ensure to engage with professionals who do not have the requirement to lobby any particular property.


7. Detailed inventory information about the available property

In contemporary times, a reliable source of information is available online. Most of the buyers do property search online. However, not all websites provide detailed information on these sites. On many occasions, you will find that the information is outdated which is not helpful in making buying decision.


8. Inadequate home investigation

Investing in a resale home needs adequate investigation. As a stranger to the city, it might not be possible for a home buyer to gather all the information about the property. You can’t also completely rely on the information provided by the existing owner of the house, as he or she might not disclose the facts that may affect your buying decision.


9. Problems in getting mortgage

As a outstation home buyer getting mortgage is not easy for home buyers when they have to relocate in different town. A buyer has to contact several lenders to get mortgage. Every lender in different city has different rules about providing mortgage.


10. Getting a home in budget

Price of the property is a very important factor while buying a house. In relocation home buyers have to search a lot to find a property in budget with correct pricing details. Pricing factors are different in different cities and price might be very high than your expectations. Sometimes buyers may also have to change their budget to get the perfect residential property


Although there are some hindrances that home buyers have to face while relocating to other city, these problems can be solved with support of a professional real estate agent. Professional agents will offer you important suggestions to make your home buying decision easy and valuable.

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