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Vastu Shastra and property: the relation


Property, although inanimate and and immovable asset seems have acquired quite a few adjectives including favourable, high end, even lucky and unlucky. Call it superstition or call it science, for Vastu Shastra truly strands for the ‘science of architecture.’ Since antiquity, a number of people do wish to consult whether any property they purchase or simply live in, residential or commercial, is unlucky or lucky.


The architects of the ancient world, particularly of temples, believed that there is a telos or purpose in the design of every construction. Structures are to be built with complete harmony to nature and nature’s forces. While construction, one has to note that the design, the architecture as well as the location are factors which help in fulfilling the purpose of the building. This is very easy to comprehend, for are these not the factors which a person looks into, while buying any property. It is what happens when the particular purpose of a building is not fulfilled, that can be a cause of concern. A building emancipates negative vibes when it is not made in a manner which is compatible with its purpose.



Considering this, many developers have also taken these factors into account and design the layout of apartments, independent floors, offices, retail spaces etc in a manner that it complies by Vastu specifications. If one happens to be in a property, which is unfavourable as per Vastu specifications, occupants of that particular property may not be doomed to misery, if Vastu remedies are adopted.



Usually, one of the main Vastu concern is with respect to the entry of the house. However, it is also noteworthy that Vastu considerations also take into account colours. Just as pranic healing uses different colours – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red – to heal a person by manipulating the energy field in one’s body, the same can be done to control the kind of energy or vibe a building gives out.




  • As the East direction is ruled by the Sun, the recommended colour for this direction is dark brown. This helps in purification.
  • As the West direction is ruled by Saturn, the recommended colour for this direction is grey. This provides satisfaction and maturity.
  • As the North direction is ruled by Mercury, the recommended colour for this direction is green. This is responsible for enhancing wealth and intelligence.
  • As the South direction is ruled by Mars, the recommended colour for this direction is red. Red gives out  aggression.



Understanding this need, Favista Real Estate, has come up with a Vastu Application for both anderoids and iphones as well as ipads. If you have access to this tool, it will be easy to check whether a particular property complies with Vastu rules and rectify any fault if any as appropriate suggestions are also provided. You will not have to keep a copy of MahaVastu, considered to be the biggest book in the world, written by Khushdeep Bansal, for this purpose. All you need to do is download these applications.


For Android application, follow the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vastuconsultant.favista


For ipads and iphones, follow the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vastu-consultant/id566507566?ls=1&mt=8

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