Why Choose a Ready to Move in Home?

The homes that are for the resale housing market especially the brand new, ready to move in or ready for possession section offers the home buyers a chance to sidestep the risk of investing in an under-construction property that is prone to delays. However, the casual 10-15% cost of the ready to move in properties has deterred buyers from buying these. With the premium coming down, the question arises should the home-buyers invest into quick possession resale market or is it practical to wait for 2-3 years and buy an under-construction home?

Corrosion in Premium

Presently, there has been an important jump in the inventories, especially in the resale market. This pile-up has made the purchasing a ready to move in property a more practical option. The experts calculate home buyers who will find profitable deals in the resale market than those the developers. It is also being observed that in the history of Indian realty market, the ready to move in properties are more cost-effective than others.

Quality and unique properties from the reputed developers in great locations are available for possession at rates which were previously available to the buyers those are willing to wait for at least two years or more. Also, excess inventories have also helped in checking the rates. The additional cost for the properties after the completion of the construction of any project is no longer visible owing to excess of the inventories. The requirements of the new realty bill have also forced the developers to complete the projects faster which automatically adds more to the inventory pile. The projects that were not complete and delayed now seem to be completed at a good pace since the developers do not want to fall foul of the real estate regulatory act. A hushed demand has prohibited the rates of these homes for increasing or rising as before.

The first and foremost benefit of investing in a possession ready house are that you save a lot on rent. And if you have no plans to live in that house then, of course, you can rent it out and start an additional income. With the under-construction properties, everything is always a chance of delay. The financial suggestions for this are too many.  There’s the spell of having to shell the EMIs out on paying rent as well as the home loan. Buyers also stand to lose tax benefits on the interest payment towards the residential loan, if the possession is not received within five years of having availed if loan.

Also, the choice depends on the affordability of property, possession timeline as well as the availability of funds. If by any chance you do not have funds and can wait for a while, the under-construction property is a better option.  It makes a lot of sense if a buyer needs property immediately and has sufficient finances then he should definitely opt for ready to move in properties.

Apart from high cost, a resale, possession ready property has some more disadvantages. The choice of the properties in resale market is limited as compared to the under-construction projects. The latter allows that you have a wider choice with regards to the floor, view, preference, etc. you need to do more of legwork to position the documentation in case of the resale properties. The prime factor that is to be considered when going for an unused resale property is the clearance of title which basically is the passing of the ownership of the property or the house from seller to the buyer. Numerous legal works are required to make sure that everything is at the right place and in order.  Contrasting in an under-construction property, the buyers need to start paying off their EMIs of the possession ready homes immediately along with shelling out the registration, down payment and the stamp duty.

The developers are offering an attractive payment plan as well as freebies for the buyers. You will be the one experiencing these luxuries in the possession ready homes or properties. The scope, also, for the capital increase is muted.

Clearly, ready to move in has a lot to offer to its buyers that too at an eye’s blink. The only criteria, however, is that you should have the sufficient finances.

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